Personal Training & Sports Massage Therapy in Central London

Advanced Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist

I am a Central London based advanced personal trainer. My sports background started with Korean martial art taekwondo in 2001, I have been competing up to national level -2006 WTF style as seen in Olympic Taekwondo games. In 2007 I became a regular gym goer trying and applying different weight training principles while enjoying the benefits of each.

I served to thousands of members as a Fitness Consultant in a popular Central London gym then started my personal training career. I am offering  body composition services such as fat loss, muscle building. I dedicated my time helping Central Londoners at my Central London training space and dedicated my free time on constant studies and learning from the pioneers of the industry.

I also offer services such as Sports Massage Therapy, Postural Alignment, Rehabilitative Strength and Conditioning, Corrective High Performance Exercise Kinesiology for all level of individuals, athletes and performers.

Mustafa Erol

Personal Trainer / Therapist to those who succeed – read more about me

Highly Skilled Coach Dedicated to Your Specific Body Composition Goals


In order perform well with a fully functioning body is to correct your posture, take the series of in depth postural assessments and follow your corrective exercises and stretches.

Rehabilitative Strength and Conditioning

Unique methodology for ALL level athletes and performers focusing on performance enhancement, injury prevention and rehab.

Body Composition

Shape your body anyway you want. Reduce body fat, build muscle!

Sports Massage Therapy

Support healing your sports injuries, keep your body healthy and injury free!


Success Stories

Muscle building – before

Muscle building – after

Muscle building – before

Muscle building – after

Posture- before

Posture- after

Fat loss – before

Fat loss – after

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