Body Composition: Posture & Fatloss

Everyone is unique and requires unique approach and focus

Achieving desired body composition goals such as fat loss or muscle building is not simple as pushing weights in the gym with cookie cutter weight training programs, or looking at the guy next bench and having A or B person’s recommended protein shakes hoping to maximise your results.

Everyone is unique; some of us beginners, intermediate or experienced. Some of us have different posture and anatomy than the others which lifestyle factors, type of jobs, age, sex, medical histories,surgeries and injuries have an effect on. Also, many varied training protocols for i.e. fat loss or muscle building need to be applied periodically and matched with your weekly commitments to your training while making the right exercise selections to your unique individual needs.

Diet recommendations should be made completely different to the individuals therefore when and what to eat has an effect on the outcome of your weekly training routine. A coach with years of experience who constantly study in the field with the bests and dedicated himself to what he loves doing is an absolute no-brainer!

I can help you overcome these barriers and help you achieve your desired body composition goals within a much shorter amount of time while educating you, improving your posture, overall well-being and keeping you safe and injury free.


As the technology improves so fast, we are being turned into robotic living human beings which is against our nature. This also comes with a cost to our bodies which sometimes can be a very expensive to treat financially.

Not to mention physical and emotional negative effects of poor posture such as neck pain, lower back pain, hip and knee pain, poor respiratory and digestive functioning, low mood and concentration. One of the keys to have a better health and/or get optimal results from your training is to keep your body functioning the way it suppose to function. Otherwise our bodies have easy tendency to adapt the environment and habits that we are in, then it brings all sort of muscle imbalances and dysfunctions which effects our look such as forward head posture, rounded shoulders and much more.

Using unique postural assessments will help identify these misalignments of our bodies and work your way up to a better posture which brings accelerated results towards your goals and/or overall well-being. Posture sessions will help identify your unique needs and will give you in depth understanding of your own body and have an effect on which exercises are right for you to perform.

You will periodically meet your coach to re-assess your posture and given progressive unique myofascial stretching and strengthening exercise plans for you to do.

This client worked with me on improving his posture and this is what he looked like from the side.

Here is the same client a few weeks after where you can clearly see how his posture has improved

Fat Loss

Reducing your body fat or building muscle has huge effect on your body composition and a lot of health benefits.

It has been proven that successful approach of your body composition training can provide a host of health benefits which include:

  • Lowering your body’s cholesterol levels
  • improving blood sugar control
  • reducing aches and pains
  • improving mobility
  • improving your breathing
  • enabling you to sleep better
  • reducing the risk of sleep apnoea
  • preventing angina (which is chest pains caused by decreased oxygen to the heart)
  • decreasing your risk of sudden death from heart disease or stroke
  • reducing the risk of certain cancers
  • reducing the need for regular medication.

Another client before my fat loss programme

Here is the result after the programme