Sports Massage Therapy

Who is Sports Massage For?

Sports massage is not limited to an elite athlete or performer. It is appropriate for everyday people who may have a desk job in the office or a job that requires carrying and moving heavy objects around all day long as an example. It is also highly beneficial for gym goers at any experience level.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage can relieve stiffness and soft tissue tension, loosen up adhesion, softens and realigns scar tissues, decreases muscle spasms. It improves mobility and flexibility, reduces stress on our joints. It brings more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and removes waste products from our bodies by increasing blood flow.

Sports massage can help our immune system as it promotes fluid movement through our tissues, eliminate toxins. Increases digestive system via stimulation of our parasympathetic nerveous system and increases circulation within our urinary system.

Sports massage improves performance of sporting activity that we do as well as improves self awareness, functional muscle balance. It promotes greater energy levels, helps pain reduction, increases usage of muscle availability. Sports massage also supports healing process of sports injuries.